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carbon steel hemisphere

carbon steel hemisphere , half sphere , half ball , hemispherical head , ellipitical head , tank head , 36'' mild ste...

Steel Grit

Steel Grit Angular is obtained by crushing spherical steel shot. It is produced in three different hardness grades, o...

Aluminum Shot A

Appearance is bright, column form or round shape applications of Aluminum Cut Wire Shots that is the ideal mat...

Copper Shot A

copper shot , copper cut wire shot , copper pellets , copper granules , brass shot , brass cut wire shot

Steel Cut Wire Shot A

A Cut Wire Shot is developed by cutting wire into length equal to the wire's diameter. Product quality is assure...

Steel Shot A

S780/SS2.5,S660/SS2.0 ,S550/SS1.7 ,S460/SS1.4 ,S390/SS1.2 ,S330/SS1.0 ,S280/SS0.8 ,S230/SS0.6 ,S...

Zinc Shot A

Taian Deliyuan Steel Co.,ltd is a modern enterprise engaging in the technical research ,development and production...

Garnet Sand

rock garnet sand , garnet sand , garnet abrasive , water jet cutting abrasive

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